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100% Natural Air-dried Crocodile Thins

* Sustainably raised in Thailand

* Can easily break into small pieces - perfect for small pets and soft jaws!

* Hypoallergenic
* Lung and Heart Health

* Rich in protein and low in fat

* Rich in omega-3 fatty acids


Ingredients: crocodile

Net weight: 60g


Guaranteed analysis:

Protein 85% (min)

Natural oils & fats 2% (min)

Moisture 8% (max)

Ash 0.1% (max)

413 kCal/100g

Punk Croc Air-dried Crocodile Thins

  • Experience the rebellious flavor and irresistible aroma of Punk Croc! With no additives or artificial ingredients, these treats are air-dried to perfection, preserving natural flavors and nutrients for a satisfying crunch. Not only do they smell amazing, but their slight chew also promotes dental health. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, crocodile meat is believed to support lung health, making it an ideal choice for pets seeking a breath of fresh air. Responsibly sourced from Thailand, treat your pet to a symphony of flavors that will leave them howling for more!

  • Free shipping within Hong Kong for orders of HK$350 or more.

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