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Made in Hong Kong Puppermint pet supplements


Meet the founders, Yan and Eva.


We’re childhood friends whose bond grew even stronger after we adopted our rescue dogs early 2020. Being dog moms ourselves, and like you, our dogs mean the world to us.  We believe that what you feed your dog has a big influence on their quality of life. And we want to help all our beloved pets live happier, healthy lives free from avoidable health problems. 


“Let food be thy medicine” 

Having grown up in Hong Kong with exposure to Traditional Chinese medicine, we believe in a holistic approach to pet health and nutrition - an approach that seeks to treat the whole body and ascertain the root cause of the problems, with prevention in the forefront. 


On the search for the right supplements, we noticed many were loaded with fillers, artificial flavours and chemical additives. Not only were they filled with nasties that outweighed the benefits of the supplements themselves, most sought to treat the ailment itself rather than strengthen the body from within.  We love our dogs more than anything and want to feed them the best, most nutritious and safest option out there. All of this inspired us to created Puppermint.


“Only the good stuff”

No Fillers / Additives / Artificial Enhancers / Parabens

Just 100% of the good stuff.  Natural, all active ingredients. We only use premium human grade ingredients in our formula. We don't want to eat these nasties ourselves, why give it to our pups?


We set ourselves the task of creating a line of products to focus on improving wellbeing from the inside out, using the highest grade ingredients, without fillers, artificial additives and sustainable packaging. Most importantly, it has to be 100% human grade.  After all, if it’s not good enough for us it certainly won’t make the cut for ruff. That’s how Puppermint was developed- with a mission for quality, honesty and eco-consciousness. 


“It’s what you do daily that counts”


We’re believers in nourishing the body from the inside out, with effortless, everyday care. That’s the difference. A range of premium supplements and sprays formulated to fit seamlessly into your pup’s daily routine.  No more struggling with hiding pills in food or pill feeders, we know that the easier it is for you and your pup to adopt a habit, the longer you’ll enjoy the benefits.  We’ve made it really easy - whether’s it’s a sprinkle onto your pup’s kibble, folded in with a curated cooked meal or mixed in with a raw diet, just #addpuppermint.


“Be Kind”


Aside from providing the best for our furry babies, we are committed to be kind to the environment as well - all our packaging  is recyclable and sustainably curated.

Happy dog posing with Puppermint dog supplements


Puppermint chief tasting officer

Chief Formula Officer & Chief Tasting Officer - Floki


Floki works with pet nutritionists and TCM practitioners to come up with beneficial and yummy  formulas. His most important job is taste testing. 

Puppermint sustainablity officer

Quality Control, Safety and Environmental Manager - Auntie Nora 


Nora makes sure all ingredients are certified organic or wild sourced from sustainable sources and all packaging is recyclable. Nora likes knits.

Puppermint marketing officer

Chief Barketing Officer - Wong Choy


Few businesses can be successful without marketing their products to the customer. Wong Choy communicates by barking. 

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